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Toppik Hairline Optimizer


Struggling to achieve a natural-looking hairline with your hair fibers? Look no further than the Toppik Hairline Optimizer! This innovative tool is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Toppik Hair Building Fibers, allowing you to create a full, natural-looking front hairline with ease.

Unlike traditional combs, the Hairline Optimizer features a unique design with irregular teeth. These teeth mimic the natural wispiness of a real hairline, eliminating harsh lines and creating a soft, feathered effect. No more flat, unnatural-looking applications!

The Optimizer also acts as a handy shield, preventing stray hair fibers from falling onto your forehead during application. This ensures a clean, mess-free process that saves you time and product.


  • Creates a natural-looking hairline with Toppik Hair Building Fibers
  • Eliminates harsh lines and uneven application
  • Mimics the wispiness of a real hairline with irregular teeth
  • Shields your forehead from stray hair fibers for a mess-free application
  • Saves time and product by preventing wasted fibers

How to Use:

  1. Prep your hair: For best results, ensure your hair is clean, dry, and styled as desired.
  2. Position the Optimizer: Gently place the comb teeth of the Hairline Optimizer into your existing hairline at your desired starting point.
  3. Apply the fibers: Shake or spray your Toppik Hair Building Fibers directly onto your scalp around the hairline, holding the bottle or applicator at a distance as instructed. You can also gently pat the fibers to disperse them evenly.
  4. Refine (Optional): If desired, use a hand mirror and the Toppik Spray Applicator (sold separately) for more targeted application and to achieve a specific hairline style.
  5. Remove and Style: Once you’ve achieved the desired coverage, carefully remove the Hairline Optimizer by lifting it straight up and away from your hairline. Style your hair as usual.

Pro Tip: For extra natural-looking results, gently pat the applied fibers after removing the Optimizer to blend them further with your existing hair.


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