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Super Million Hair does not assist hair growth in any way. Its sole purpose is to give your natural hair the appearance of hair growth. It is a new type of hair restorer. Super Million Hair is a specially-processed antibacterial vegetable fiber. It bonds to your natural hair with static electricity so securely that your hair looks as if new hair has grown. Spraying Super Million Hair Mist over Super Million Hair and your natural hair gives your hair a fuller, natural look that stays in place for hours, even in rain, wind, and sweat. Super Million Hair is effective and inexpensive. Use it together with Super Million Hair Mist to give your hair a natural look.

Different sized and shaped fibers are mixed together to add volume and cover your hair naturally (e.g. long/short, thin/thick, and straight/bent).

For people with thin hair, Super Million Hair adheres to the scalp to add thickness to the thinning area. Because Super Million Hair is applied directly on the skin, special care has been taken to assure the safety of our product.

Super Million Hair has been approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It has also been tested for skin allergies and declared safe by university medical experts.

Over twenty years have past since the initial manufacturing and marketing of Super Million Hair in 1986. Since then, we have succeeded in exporting Super Million Hair to more than 50 countries around the world. We wish to express our appreciation to each and every customer at home and overseas. We believe that our success is built on your trust in us and our product. We promise to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront our vision.

The fibers, once applied, produce dramatic increase in density and volume. Yet, they produce a totally undetectable coverage of your thinning and balding areas to the naked eye.

Black, White, Grey, Dark Borwn, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde, Wheat Blonde, Auburn


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