Thymuskin Medicated Shampoo is said to combat very heavy hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia / pattern baldness in both men and women, and to stimulate new hair growth, promoting thicker, fuller, healthy looking hair. Thymuskin was originally developed in Germany as a way to stop hair loss for cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy. A group of physicians performed placebo controlled, double-blind studies on the effects of thymuskin products on hair loss in cancer patients. When the product was rubbed on the patient’s scalp before he/she took a chemotherapeutic agent, there was no hair fallout and hair loss was kept at a minimum. The German GMP (the German FDA) subsequently declared the product to be a preventative measure for hair fallout for chemotherapy patients. However, it was soon discovered by the research physicians that ThymuSkin Med Shampoo was very effective against rare types of hair loss and scalp disorders. Thymuskin Shampoo for Hair Growth has been proven to be effective for men 67% of the time, and for women 95% of the time who still have live hair follicles.

Thymuskin Medicated Shampoo Effect

  • Fights against dandruff in dry and seborrheic scalps
  • Actively stimulates new hair growth in cases of very severe hair loss
  • Ideally used prior to application of the Thymuskin med Hairgel
  • Strengthens the hair, makes it resistant to damaging environmental influences and improves hair condition. Particulary suitable for long hair.
Value Pack

2-Month Supply (100ml), 4-Month Supply (200ml) +27.00


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