THYMUSKIN FORTE Shampoo & Serum Gel Set

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Thymuskin GOLD Value Pack contains ThymuSkin Gold Shampoo and ThymuSkin Gold Treatment. FREE ground shipping within US.

ThymuSkin Gold Shampoo (200mL)
ThymuSkin Gold Treatment (200mL)

Thymuskin Gold Advanced Hair Care is the result of over twenty years of experience. This innovative product line contains the patented synthetic peptide library GKL02 in double concentration.

Original highly concentrated, Thymuskin hair care contains active peptides for long-term hair revitalization and renewed hair growth. The new formulations have ecological safe preservatives, surfactants (mild cleansing and ph-neutral to the skin) without any perfume allergens. The exquisite raw materials increase shine and management of the hair.

New Thymuskin Gold products are especially for lackluster and limp hair.

  • Advanced care for thinning hair;
  • To revitalize and thicker hair;
  • For dandruff and itching scalp;
  • To improve and restore hair condition.

Thymuskin Gold Hair Shampoo

The hair shampoo "two in one" formulation has been developed according to the most recent scientific researches based on the synthetic thymus extract, substance for its features identycal to the natural one, protected by international patent. (Nr. European Patent: 97 933 617.9 - Nr. International Patent: PCT/DE 97/0161).

The effectiveness in case of androgenetic alopecia is documented. The true innovation consists in the hair treatment "two in one" that, provided with a fixing lotion at the same time, carries out two functions in one product.

Thymuskin Gold Hair Treatment

Thymuskin Gold Treatment fights against hair loss and dandruff, and activates new hair regrowth. It has been thoroughly tested at major university medical centers, and is found to be most effective when used in conjunction with new Gold Thymuskin Shampoo. It Contains DOUBLE the THYMUS PEPTIDES, as contained in the original formulation and should be an important part of your hair care routine.

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