Proxiphen-N PROX-N Thinning Hair Serum

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Proxiphen-N ( "Prox-N" ) is a topical formulation of many of the nonprescription hair-loss treatment agents, these include various SODases, copper-binding peptides, and pyridine-N-Oxide hair growth stimulators. It is in liquid form since many components are insoluble in liquid, then causes the precipitation of other ingredients. It must be used daily. Proxiphen-N, is one of the best products against hair loss, baldness of every type (also for alopecia areata) and regrowth hair. (Size - 2 Fl Oz)

Prox-N (proxiphen N) is a combination of three different hair loss treatment agents found to help combat thinning hair:

SODs (Superoxide Dismutase) - Helps movement of nitric oxide to the hair follicle and prevents free radical damage to the hair cells

N-Oxide (nitric oxide) - Increased presence of intracellular nitric oxide has been shown to increase the size and section of the hair follicle.

Copper binding peptides - Copper is vital to having healthy hair and a healthy scalp. By applying specific copper peptides directly to areas of hair loss and thinning hair, it's possible to stimulate hair growth.


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Active Ingredients

Allantoin, ascorbate, ascorbylpalmitate, arginine, BHT, 3 carboxypyridine-N-Oxide, CU/ZN-binding peptides (from CU/ZN sulfates), EDTA, propyleneglycol, superoxide dismutases, water.


Apply 8 to 10 drops once a day to the thinning hair areas.

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