Perfect Hair Growth Shampoo for Thinning Hair, 33 Oz.

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Perfect Hair Hair Loss/ Hair Growth Shampoo - Enhanced with DHT Inhibitor, Saw palmetto, emu oil, biotin & Scalp Exfoliating Agent Salicylic Acid for Greater Minoxidil Penetration and prevention of Thinning Hair, Receding Hairline, Baldness, and Alopecia Areata. (Shampoo Size - 33.8 oz / 1000 mL)
The accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the scalp can contribute to thinning, which in turn can cause hair loss because it increases the amount of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase which is then converted to DHT (one of the main causes of Alopecia Areata). This DHT removing shampoo has an effective combination of scientifically formulated ingredients which work synergistically to slow down the production of DHT, preserve scalp vitality, rejuvenate dormant follicles, remove residues from harsh treatments, promote hair growth, stop thinning hair, and reverse your receding hairline. • Perfect Hair Growth Shampoo includes Hair Growth Performance Ingredients - Saw Palmetto Extract, Emu Oil, Biotin, Caffeine, Horsetail Extract, Hops Extract and Niacin • Perfect Hair Growth Shampoo is Composed of DHT inhibitors and exfoliators, specifically designed to decrease the amount of loss on the scalp and increase the absorption rate of our topical Minoxidil products • PerfectHair Growth Shampoo also contains Salicylic Acid which works to remove dead skin cells lining the surface of the scalp causing and itchy scalp, which may cause further damage to follicles, leading to improper hair growth of follicles, and further thinning. • • Guaranteed Quality - We conduct assay testing, identity testing, and micro testing for each batch to ensure the concentration and active ingredient is present, within specs. Each batch will have its own unique lot number and expiration date printed onto the bottom of each bottle, as part of quality control procedures Perfect Hair Shampoo is is rich in DHT inhibitor and Salicylic Acid, which are a powerful combination of ingredients, professionally formulated to work synergistically to eliminate the synthesis of DHT, maintain scalp vitality, revitalize dysfunctional follicles, stop thinning hair, promote hair growth, reverse effects of baldness, and remove excess impurities on the scalp. Perfect Hair professional Hair Regrowth Shampoo increases the penetration of minoxidil products, and prevents further damage of follicles by eliminating the formation of DHT on the surface, slowing thinning hair. Salicylic Acid: A keratolytic agent helps to treat dandruff and exfoliate the outer dead skin cells of the epidermis, allowing for a more effective penetration of minoxidil, and other nutrients essential for a healthy scalp. Salicilyc Acid is one of the main ingredients used for top thinning hair prevention shampoo manufacturers. A keratolytic ingredient assists in treating dandruff and exfoliates the external dormant skin cells, allowing a more effective penetration of Minoxidil and other nutrients vital for a healthy scalp environment. Perfect HAIR Shampoo provides a steady supply of Salicylic Acid if your diet lacks the daily intake of Salicylic Acid, which leads to thinning hair prevention, which in the longs run leads to less hair loss and more hair growth.
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