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Generation V Oral Soft Gels New Dual-Mechanism Maximum Strength Oral Formula blocks the negative effects of 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone (DHT) while reducing pathological inflammation in the hair follicle. (Size - 30 Capsules)

HairGenesis® Oral Softgels V can be thought of as a super hair vitamin. Via a patent-pending invention, incorporating a novel combination of thioctic acid and a patented form of acetyl L carnitine, coupled with LSESr and betasitosterol, new Generation IV Hair Genesis® Oral Softgels go where no hair loss treatment has gone before. This is based on newly published research, Hair Genesis® supplements for hair growth now reduces inflammation in the hair follicle while blocking the negative effects of 5AR.

This one-two punch constitutes a unique dualmechanism of activity in combating important aspects of hair loss pathology. Newly formulated with a powerful suite of natural vitamins for hair growth, Hair Genesis® Oral Softgels are clinically shown to inhibit the problematic metabolic events linked to the onset and progression of pattern hair loss. 

While positive benefit may occur in as little as four to six weeks, a three month period of initial use is strongly recommended before attempting to evaluate your results while taking these Hair Genesis Black Gel Pills. Hair Genesis® Oral Softgels are produced in an FDA regulated, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility under the highest cGMP standards. This proprietary composition has been shown to be safe and effective when taken as directed, presenting no evidence of negative side effects or drug interactions whatsoever. For optimal results use Hair Genesis® Oral Soft gel supplements for hair growth in combination with the entire Hair Genesis® Treatment Regimen.

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The Hair Genesis™ New Maxmium Strength Oral Softgel ™ V is a critical component of the Hair Genesis™ system. Hair Genesis™ Softgels are designed to be taken orally and work in conjunction with the Hair Genesis™ Product Line. Building on the success of the foundational formula - and after years of follow up research - the Hair Genesis™ Oral Softgels have recently been dramatically improved and now provide a suite of newly recognized botanical substances that work together to strengthen and protect your hair better than ever before.

While results from Hair Genesis™ pills have been reported in as little as two months, a six-month period of use is strongly recommended in order to assess the benefit Hair Genesis™ is providing.

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Active Ingredients

Saw Palmetto Berry Super Critical Extract (85%-95% liposterolic
content), Gelatin, Grape Seed Oil, L- Camitine Tartrate
(Carnisol®*), Glycerin, Plant Phytosterols, Purified Water,
Green Tea Extract, Berberine Sulfate, Sytrinol®**, Novasoy,
Yellow Beeswax, R-alpha Lipoic Acid. *Carnisol is a trademark
of Lonza Group Corp. **Sytrinol is a Trademark of Source One
Global Partners Corp


Take one softgel daily.

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