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Nanogen Locking Mist is a fine mist specifically developed to increase the bond between Nanogen Fibers and thinning hairs. It helps not only maintain a Nanogen application to last longer, but it also creates a fuller, natural look! (Size - 3.4 Fl Oz)

After applying Nanogen Nanofibres, the existing hair/Nanofibre matrix is securely bonded together using the specially formulated Nanogen Locking Mist PLUS.

This bond is permanent through strong wind, rain, perspiration and even under water - secure until the next shampoo wash where it can be easily removed. The Nanofibre's electrostatic charge allows for natural positioning of the fibres on the hair but is no substitute for proper bonding.

Unlike regular hairsprays, Nanogen Locking Mist is specially developed to maximise the performance of Nanofibres in the real-world but without causing overstiffness or damaging the hairshaft.


UV protective ingredients shield your hair and each micro fibre from colour damage. This preserves the perfect appearance of healthy, thickened hair all day.


Nanogen Locking Mist has been developed and formulated to provide strong, durable and yet flexible bonds between hair and fibre that you can rely upon, even in the strongest wind.

Water Resistant

Generous application of Locking Mist Plus gives breakthrough levels of water resistance. Patent pending Hydroguard™ technology preserves the charge and binding of Nanofibres not just in the rain, but even when completely immersed in water. This means you can retain the thick, natural hair density created by Nanofibres in rain or while swimming.

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Active Ingredients

Unique Polymer Blend
Subject of a patent pending, the blend of polymer in Locking Mist Plus allows unrivalled retention of hair concealing products. Laboratory tests show up to 90% of Nanofibres were held in place under water after using this blend.

UV Shield
UV does damage hair which leaves it dry and difficult to manage, and can remove the colour from hair. This is especially a problem for people with thinning hair, so Locking Mist Plus contains UV protective ingredients to ensure hair condition maintained.

Locking Mist Plus is safe and free from:

These common surfactants are very harsh and drying to hair. They can also leave skin dry and irritated when left on for long periods of time, such as with Locking Mist Plus.

Many people worry about the group of preservatives called parabens. Nanogen do not believe these are harmful, but appreciate our client's concerns and so all our products are paraben free.

Formaldehyde Donors
Many common preservatives in cosmetics are formaldehyde donors. These are not dangerous, but formaldehyde will damage skin and growing hair cells, so no Nanogen product contains them.

  1. For enduring hold, apply around 4 sprays over the thinning area from 10cm.
  2. For water-resistant and enduring hold, apply around 8 sprays over the thinning area from 5 - 7.5cm.
  3. Ensure consistent, natural shine and complete UV protection by applying several sprays to the rest of your hair.
  4. If the hair gets wet, allow it to dry in the air without touching it, and reapply Locking Mist Plus for continued water resistance.
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