Hair Genesis 5th Generation (12 month Kit)

Brand: Hair Genesis
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12x Dual-Mechanism Oral Softgels (Size - 30 Capsules),
12x Trichoceutical® Activator Serum (Size - 1.7 Fl Oz),     
6x Trichoceutical® Activating Shampoo (Size - 7.5 Fl Oz),
1x Trichoceutical® Thickening Conditioner

+ 4 units Revitalizing Conditioner (FREE!)

Your HairGenesis® Twelve Month Best Value Kit is built around carefully constructed natural treatments for hair loss. This is why your kit comes complete with twelve full months of our latest Generation 6 oral soft gel formula, twelve months of Trichoceutical® Activator Serum, twelve months (6 highly concentrated units) of Trichoceutical® Shampoo, and twelve months (4 even more highly concentrated units) of Trichoceutical Thickening Conditioner.   By using these natural treatments for hair losson a regular basis, you will achieve the maximum possible benefit.


Additionally, and at no additional charge, you will receive two units each of Maximum Density Styling Mousse® and two units each of Instant Volume™ Hair Fixative Spray.  This combination constitutes the best possible combination of natural treatments for hair loss.    

Hair Genesis is an all natural hair loss treatment that uses natural DHT blockers to facilitate hair growth! Stop thinning hair with this revolutionary botanically derived hair loss solution.

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Dual-Mechanism Oral Softgels
Trichoceutical® Activator Serum
Trichoceutical® Activating Shampoo
Revitalizing Conditioner

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